Oil and Gas

APPLIED SEALS has developed the RGD compound for Oil & Gas industry and those compounds has tasked Element Hitchin with evaluating the RGD resistance of several elastomeric compounds in accordance with the procedure outlined in the NORSOK M-710 Rev 2 standard, not just that we also passed NACE TM0297, API 6A with compounds PERFREZ® 9021A and PERFREZ® 9091A.

COMPOUND Color Hardness/Shore A Service Temp.℃ Features
PERFREZ®9021A Black 90 -10~290°C .Aggressive chemicals.
.Steam resistance.
.Compression at even at very high temperaturesUse.
NORSOK M710 (ISO 23936)Nace TM0297API 6A H2S sour fluid resistant
PERFREZ®9091D Black 75 -40~230°C .Excellent low temperature resistant.
PERFREZ®9091A Black 90 -40~230°C .Excellent low temperature resistant.
NORSOK M710 (ISO 23936)API 6A H2S sour fluid resistant