PERFREZ® Semiconductor grade

We manufacture, supply and Export Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) O-Ring which is manufactured with the best quality material and are offered as per client specifications in Taiwan. Our products are customized as per the client specific requirements in various thicknesses, lengths and sizes. Equipped with high end facilities and a team of highly qualified and experience professional Applied Seals Co. Ltd. thrives to deliver the best of quality at the most affordable cost.

PERFREZ® O-Ring Series
NW/ISO Fittings O-rings
Bonded Gates and Custom Designs


Semiconductor grade Physical Properties:
Applied Seals Perfluoroelastomer Typical Physical Properties.
COMPOUND Elastomer Color Hardness
(Shore A)
Service Temp.℃ Modulus at 100% (Mpa) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation%
PERFREZ® 6001C FFKM Black 78 -30~310°C 10.48 15.22 164
PERFREZ® 6012C FFKM White 80 -20~260°C 9.54 15.01 152
PERFREZ® 6022C FFKM Off-White 78 -20~280°C 6.32 19.90 264
PERFREZ® XL15 FFKM Translucent 74 -20~260°C 3.35 11.36 228
PERFREZ® XL12 FFKM Light Beige 78 -20~260°C 6.79 17.06 200

※Not to be used for specification purpose
※ASTM D2240(pellet test specimens)
※ASTM D2240 and ASTM D1414 (AS-568A size -214 O-Ring Test specimens)
※All test are performed on AS 568A size -214 O-Rings