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Applied Seals, ISO-13485 certified, offers variety of materials that including USP VI, ISO-10993 and FDA grades. We have co-operated with world class rubber material suppliers, Dow, Wacker and Nusil , to ensure the sufficient compound and capability to meet medical requirements.

COMPOUND Elastomer Color Hardness
(Shore A)
Service Temp.℃ Features
PERFREZ®9082E FFKM White 70 -10~260°C .USP class VI grade with broad chemical resistant
.FDA grade  .Biomedical
S7049AY Silicone Transparent 70 -55~200°C .USP class VI  .FDA grade
.Platinum cured
S6560AY Silicone Transparent 70 -55~200°C .ISO 10933  .USP class VI
.FDA grade  .Platinum cured
S7560AK Silicone Red 75 -55~200°C .USP class VI  .FDA grade
.Platinum cured
S7014AY Silicone Transparent 70 -55~200°C .USP class VI  .FDA grade
.Peroxide cured
E7003AP EPDM White 70 -40~150°C .USP class VI
.Excellent Gamma resistant
E7083AA EPDM Black 70 -40~150°C .USP class VI
.Excellent Gamma resistant
V7092AP FKM White 70 -10~250°C .USP class VI  .FDA grade
.High temp. grade


Face Seal

Face Seal
An O-Ring is to be used as a static face seal at the base of a closed cap. Inserted into a cap on a sublingual drug delivery device creating a static seal to ensure the liquid does not leak.
1. Material: Silicone
2. Working Temperature: 26°C to 40°C
3. Color: Translucent
4. Dimensions: 3.00 mm ID X 1.00 mm CS
​5. High purity platinum-catalyzed
6. Compound is USP Class VI compliant
7. Manufacture, Clean and pack in the cleanroom
8. In-house test report available
9. Precisely control in significant features


Lip Seals

Lip Seals
A plastic connector for BioPharm application, it is in 2 halves with protecive membrances . Our lip seals are installed in each half.
1. Material: Silicone
2. Working temperature : -80°C~60°C
3. color: translucent
​4. High purity platinum catalyzed
5. Compound in USP Class VI compliant
6. Manufacture, clean and pack in clean room
7. In-house Test report available
8. Precisely control in significant features
9. Pass the extractable and leachable tests
10. Durable for 2 hours,130 C, 50kGy sterilization


Piston Seal

Piston Seal
It requires seals to be resistant to steam 130 °C and harsh chemicals. Customer expected it a longer shelf life. Perfluoroelastomer stands for its good performance on high temperature and chemical compatibility. For a medical grade use, it requires pure structure but remains its physical characteristics.
1. Material: FFKM
2. Color: White
​2. Medical Grade FFKM- USP Class 6
4. Precisely control in significant features
5. Good physical characteristics


Piston Seals

Piston Seals
Transdermal drug injection- piston seals for bore plunger. This seal will directly contact with the drug and it is required very low friction in a tapered polypropylrnr bore.
1. Material: EPDM
2. Working temperature : -20°C~70°C
3. Medical Grade EPDM
4. In-house Test report available
5. Precisely control in significant features


Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR)

No-post-cure LSR makes production cycle short, improves the production efficiency and good for large-volume products.
Its closed-loop system significanfly minimized the cross-contamination and offered best cleanliness control.