Medical Seals

Applied Seals Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter that is concerned with the appearance, development and production of Medical Seals. We are located in Taiwan, with convenient transportation access. All of products are strict checked by our professional employee.

COMPOUND Color Hardness/Shore A Service Temp.℃ Features
PERFREZ®9082E white 70 -10~230°C .USP class VI grade with broad chemical resistant
.FDA grade
PERFREZ®9111D Black 75 -10~230°C .FDA grade with broad chemical resistant


Face Seal

Face Seal
An O-Ring is to be used as a static face seal at the base of a closed cap. Inserted into a cap on a sublingual drug delivery device creating a static seal to ensure the liquid does not leak.
1. Material: Silicone
2. Working Temperature: 26°C to 40°C
3. Color: Translucent
4. Dimensions: 3.00 mm ID X 1.00 mm CS
​5. High purity platinum-catalyzed
6. Compound is USP Class VI compliant
7. Manufacture, Clean and pack in the cleanroom
8. In-house test report available
9. Precisely control in significant features


Lip Seals

Lip Seals
A plastic connector for BioPharm application, it is in 2 halves with protecive membrances . Our lip seals are installed in each half.
1. Material: Silicone
2. Working temperature : -80°C~60°C
3. color: translucent
​4. High purity platinum catalyzed
5. Compound in USP Class VI compliant
6. Manufacture, clean and pack in clean room
7. In-house Test report available
8. Precisely control in significant features
9. Pass the extractable and leachable tests
10. Durable for 2 hours,130 C, 50kGy sterilization


Piston Seal

Piston Seal
It requires seals to be resistant to steam 130 °C and harsh chemicals. Customer expected it a longer shelf life. Perfluoroelastomer stands for its good performance on high temperature and chemical compatibility. For a medical grade use, it requires pure structure but remains its physical characteristics.
1. Material: FFKM
2. Color: White
​2. Medical Grade FFKM- USP Class 6
4. Precisely control in significant features
5. Good physical characteristics


Piston Seals

Piston Seals
Transdermal drug injection- piston seals for bore plunger. This seal will directly contact with the drug and it is required very low friction in a tapered polypropylrnr bore.
1. Material: EPDM
2. Working temperature : -20°C~70°C
3. Medical Grade EPDM
4. In-house Test report available
5. Precisely control in significant features