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General Industrial grade Physical Properties:
Applied Seals Perfluoroelastomer Typical Physical Properties.
COMPOUND     Color     Hardness/
Shore A 
Service Temp.℃ Ultimate Elongation (%) 100% Modulus (Mpa) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Specific Gravity
PERFREZ® 9001 Black 80 -10~300°C 149 7.62 11.27 2.01
PERFREZ® 9021 Black 78 -10~290°C 164 10.5 15.2 1.99
PERFREZ® 9071 Black 80 -10~240°C 155 11.3 18.5 1.98
PERFREZ® 9131E Black 70 -10~320°C 180 4.86 15.43 2.05

※All physical properties as tested on AS568-214 O-Rings per ASTM D1414.